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Our website is using highly secure connection which protects your data 360 degree.
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Our instant payment gateway transfer and receive your money within minutes.
Instant Money Transfer
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Instant Money Transfer
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Best Instant Payment Gateway for Your Business

Myepocket is one of the top business correspondents in India and provide Money collection and Instant Money Transfer services. Our Instant Payment Gateway is fastest, Safe, Secure and Easy to use.

Money Transfer APIs

Latest money transfer API launched by Myepocket. You can do instant money transfer to beneficiary account.

Brings More Transparency And Speed

MyEPocket has unmatched insight into real-time gateway performance in India.

Automate Your Collections

E-Collection are made to deposit in Virtual Accounts(VPA).


Why Choose Us

When senders use our Instant payment gateway system, then the transactions happen in minutes. We are the only Indian payment gateway that provides such an amazing instant payment services.

Low Transaction Fee
Low Transaction Fee

You can instantly fund transfer to beneficiary Account. Our fund Transfer works for all banks who accept IMPS/NEFT/AUTO.

Fast Payment Method
Fast Payment Method

You can generate UPI/QR Code to receive UPI payment direct into your account.

Automate Your Collections
Automate Your Collections

The Virtual Account acts like real banking account except cash Collection it accept payment via IMPS/NEFT/RTGS/UPI & QR Code,

How IT Works

How Our Instant Payment Platform Works

Our instant payment gateway, receive the payment and stored in a very secured manner. We allow to transfer the payment to more than one person instantly.


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Instant Money Transfer

Our Core Services

MyEPocket's Money transfer service so easy and user-friendly you need to enter your mobile no, Beneficiary bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, and the transferred amount.

Money Transfer APIs

Latest fund transfer API launched by MyEPocket, You can instantly fund transfer to beneficiary Account.

Real Time Money Tracking

MyEPocket Our website is specifically designed to make sure protecting your account from unauthorized attempts.

Low Cost and Fast Transfer

Latest fund transfer API launched by , You can instantly fund transfer to beneficiary Account. Our fund transfer works for all banks who accept

Mobile Banking & Payment

Mobile Banking is electronic payment system for those who earn money on the internet. payments and withdraw funds at any time.

Intelligent Transaction Routing

MyEPocket has unmatched insight into real-time gateway performance in India. We use data to route individual transactions to the top-performing gateways automatically.

Online Marketplace

Route payments to suppliers (sellers) and other 3rd parties instantly without manual errors